Author’s Note: This page is a little different. I’ve written a musical piece to accompany this final sequence. I’m no good at Flash or anything like that, so as much as I’d like to sync this update to the piece, I really can’t. That said: There is some music, about two minutes long, and I can only hope that it syncs up with your reading of the page decently well (it probably will run way too long! but in your imagination it will run exactly perfectly). Headphone it up and let’s do it.


The music box begins to play. Four repeating notes, just like Feringus said. No C or A.

The melody echoes in the tunnels of the world…

And the mother of all storms begins to set in.

The world begins to fade.

» Run.

You begin to run. But not in the direction she expected.

» …with the doctor.

You grab the doctor, the music box falling from her hands, still playing. Orders or not, you’re not leaving anyone behind. Besides…

A Mnemnem is responsible for all of its people.

You flee.






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